BUS 101 Entrepreneurship Bootcamp


As a new addition to our programming efforts in the surrounding communities, EGI has launched a bootcamp series that highlights the importance of a business plan, strategy and financing.

We also bring in guest entrepreneurs and former students of the EGI Entrepreneurship program to highlight their experiences as small business owners and entrepreneurs.

So far the list has included:

Shanee Edwards, President and CEO - Canvas Junk

Gary Chatmon, President and CEO - PCG Fruit

Carrie Johnson, Director - Johnson Miller Funeral Home

Jeremy Thomas , Artist/Graphic Designer

Now, I understand the importance of small businesses as it relates to our debit and GNP. Bridgette, was aspirational. I want to go to the next level because I saw her. I was inspired by the other participants and the business owners that presented. The word hope comes to mind if you have an idea you can create an amazing opportunity for yourself, family, and community. The market can be near or it can be far which makes the opportunities limitless.
— EGI Bootcamper June 30, 2018
Good discussion loved the energy and knowledge from the leader. I wasn’t expecting a discussion on GDP, but was pleasantly suprised by the information.
— Paul T. September 29, 2018

APPS and Coding 


As Technology advances, we encourage our students and volunteers to participate in activities that can inspire and spark new ideas.

Our students participate in Coding and Apps programs with the University of Illinois - Maker Lab and Microsoft. 

5k Run-Walk

Established in 2016, EGI hosts a 5K Run-Walk for program funding each year.

The 5K is located at the Miller Meadows Forest Preserve in Maywood, IL.